In an alternative reality, magical Amulets were created and spread among the nine kingdoms in order to keep the world's balance.

In a not so distant past, King Ganamaju was possessed by evil and desired to have them all to rule the world. But he was defeated by the other Guardians and banned forever.

Now he has returned, stronger than ever, and he will make everything to put his hand on the nine Amulets. Nobody knows how he became so powerful, what they do know is the "Chosen One" may be their last hope.

Derek Foile

A young talented Poker player who ends up being transported to another dimension where Poker is used to fight.


One of the magical amulets guardian, will help Derek in his mission to gather all amulets.


The Queen of Eldrish Mountains, has cast the magic to bring the "Chosen One" to fight against evil.


An elder that lives on Grindor Forest, also known as the "Forest Spirit". He is also one of the guardians and protects the Amulet of Life.


Queen of Eirwen and faithful servant of Ganamaju, she has the power to control beasts at her will.


King of the desolated land Duibhne and possessed by evil, he was banned for trying to gather the amulets and rule the world.